Sunday, December 31, 2006

Its been a long time now....

Hey everyone,

Well currently I am sitting in beautiful Nelson near the top of the south Island of sensational New Zealand on New Years Eve 2006. It's been awhile since my last visit but what better a time than to post ay?

Just had my 19th Birthday - a surfing mag and T-shirt and a 45second; 14,000ft skydive ticket richer. Life is Guuuuuuuuud :-) I've been wanting such a present for a long long time, since I started to jump in a bouncer suspended between a doorway frame to be exact. In a few days + minutes I will begin my fearless flight in a small plane high into the sky.

The door will open, my heart will stop, and I will jump.

According to my brother's calculations (as per his cellphone's math ability), I will reach terminal velocity and be dropping at approx. 60m per second.

I am excited, yes,
I am.

More updates will arrive, that with the hopeful condition that all goes to plan :-D

God bless, and enjoy your New Year. Bring on 2007 with all its fun and late nights!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Well, currently I am 1/2 way through my Christmas present wrapping and kinda needing some more wrapping paper. I've had to wrap Mum n Dad's present with 2 bits combined that kinda looks like the worst wrapping job possible - however my confidence is still in the fact that there has got to be somebody out there that can, and has, done a worse job of wrapping a present than I ever could.

Pretty happy with my shopping and presents except for my minor mistake of assuming that a large number of small and cheap presents don't add up too much - very wrong.

Tomorrow our family head off to Palmerston North or is it New Plymouth - I'm always confused by those two - and then down to Wellington for Christmas. My birthday is set for Fri the 22nd. I am excited. Being stressed and having alot on the mind somehow slowly corrodes enthusiasm until the night before I think, so I'm hanging out until tomorrow night when I am sleeping in a bed far from home and thinking of what time I'm going to go and wake up the family for presents :)

Gotta love December....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Birthday times

Well, right about now I am looking forward to a good rest and summer barbe's, daily swims and suncream and long relaxing twighlights.

Just came home from church where the Kid's Drama I was directing went so well. I think I must of got my first piece of fan mail from one of the angels which I must say I am incredibly excited about. Its my brother's birthday today and mine on Saturday so we're having a combined part-ey this arvo. Kelly Slater is probably the best game ever made and cant wait to get my anxious fingertips onto that X-box controller.

I am feel I'm almost at the end of myself which is a werid feeling - looking forward to our 10hr drive to wellington the day before my birthday. Plan is to spend Chrissy in Welly and then go on down towards Queenstown. Hoping to go skydiving pretty soon so I'll keep ya updated.

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