Sunday, December 17, 2006

Birthday times

Well, right about now I am looking forward to a good rest and summer barbe's, daily swims and suncream and long relaxing twighlights.

Just came home from church where the Kid's Drama I was directing went so well. I think I must of got my first piece of fan mail from one of the angels which I must say I am incredibly excited about. Its my brother's birthday today and mine on Saturday so we're having a combined part-ey this arvo. Kelly Slater is probably the best game ever made and cant wait to get my anxious fingertips onto that X-box controller.

I am feel I'm almost at the end of myself which is a werid feeling - looking forward to our 10hr drive to wellington the day before my birthday. Plan is to spend Chrissy in Welly and then go on down towards Queenstown. Hoping to go skydiving pretty soon so I'll keep ya updated.

Keep it real

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