Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Well, currently I am 1/2 way through my Christmas present wrapping and kinda needing some more wrapping paper. I've had to wrap Mum n Dad's present with 2 bits combined that kinda looks like the worst wrapping job possible - however my confidence is still in the fact that there has got to be somebody out there that can, and has, done a worse job of wrapping a present than I ever could.

Pretty happy with my shopping and presents except for my minor mistake of assuming that a large number of small and cheap presents don't add up too much - very wrong.

Tomorrow our family head off to Palmerston North or is it New Plymouth - I'm always confused by those two - and then down to Wellington for Christmas. My birthday is set for Fri the 22nd. I am excited. Being stressed and having alot on the mind somehow slowly corrodes enthusiasm until the night before I think, so I'm hanging out until tomorrow night when I am sleeping in a bed far from home and thinking of what time I'm going to go and wake up the family for presents :)

Gotta love December....

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