Sunday, December 31, 2006

Its been a long time now....

Hey everyone,

Well currently I am sitting in beautiful Nelson near the top of the south Island of sensational New Zealand on New Years Eve 2006. It's been awhile since my last visit but what better a time than to post ay?

Just had my 19th Birthday - a surfing mag and T-shirt and a 45second; 14,000ft skydive ticket richer. Life is Guuuuuuuuud :-) I've been wanting such a present for a long long time, since I started to jump in a bouncer suspended between a doorway frame to be exact. In a few days + minutes I will begin my fearless flight in a small plane high into the sky.

The door will open, my heart will stop, and I will jump.

According to my brother's calculations (as per his cellphone's math ability), I will reach terminal velocity and be dropping at approx. 60m per second.

I am excited, yes,
I am.

More updates will arrive, that with the hopeful condition that all goes to plan :-D

God bless, and enjoy your New Year. Bring on 2007 with all its fun and late nights!


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