Monday, January 1, 2007

My greatest fear

As a result of our trip (which is still currently in operation), I have discovered an incredible love. This is no ordinary 'like' or meer temporary phase of feeling, this is a perpetual, eternal, and frequent heart involvement.

I love toilets without a lock.

Now I know what you're thinking, "What kind of person would like, or even consider such a feeling towards such a thing", however, due to many encounters I have come to this decision.

I love how having to "go to the toilet" is embarrasing enough in itself, let alone going in a person's house other than your own, AND without the security of a lock.

I love how in Taupo not only did the door not have a lock, but because it lacked such a vital piece of equipment the door didn't even shut! I love how in Wellington with my Aunty's house, it not only lacked a lock, but the door also was very lucky to even get near its frame and therefore was 'ajar' everytime you closed it. Again, Nana and Grandad's house in Picton was missing a lock on its door, requiring my brother and I to put a 'Rose sented air freshner" on the outside everytime anyone was in there.

I am nearing my end, but, needless to say we are now in Nelson. At the required time I investigated the nessassary place and I was not surprised. As I fixed my eyes towards the opening I saw not only a door without a lock, but also it was a sliding door that did not even give you the security of a few seconds of the door turning on its hinges.

My verdict, if you, or anyone else you know has a toilet without a lock - do the world a favour and grab one. The world will be a better place as you bring freedom from awkwardness, embarrasment and fear through the easy step of attaching a safety lock for your door.

Go on, do it.
You know its the right thing to do.

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Brother Jared said...

Mate, since you went to all that effort and no-one has given u a comment (u loner!), I'll make it worth ur while hehe. (not really)

I can't say I've had too much trouble with toilets without locks, but i'll be sure to look out for these menaces to society. It's at times like these that I seriously consider bringing back the capital punishment to NZ for anyone who disgraces the very meaning of privacy in this way. I am disgusted, and I doubt that I will be able to sleep tonight