Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Please stay on the line

Well for those who know me know that I have just started working at Consumer Link a phone research / survey group. Contrary to popular and strongly mistaken opinion, we are not TeleMarketers.

This is a small blog today but I want to throw out this simple and humble idea, making both my and some other colleague's lives alot easier.

When the phone rings in the middle of your dinner or favourite part of the news and someone on the other end begins their call with something along the lines of:

Good evening, my name is..... from Consumer Link, the Market Research Company.....

Please at least once allow them to finish their sentence before hanging up on them.

Better yet, spare yourself 10 minutes to let their refreshing and exotic voice calm you from your day; giving them the chance to sit back in their chair and connect into some incredible surveying.

Thankyou for making the world a better place, one survey at a time.

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The Guru said...

Yes brother! Let the voice of the Compuet Assisted Telephone Interviewer(CATI) be heard! We're not bad people! And we can make the surveys fun! Give love a chance and let us talk to you!