Monday, January 29, 2007

Reality Check

Just recently Parachute Festival 07 was cranking down at Mystery Creek in Hamiltron, Waikatoooooooo. It was a legendary time and bands like Falling Up, Spacifix, Late 80s Mercedes etc etc took to the stage and thrashed it big time.

One of the massive things that God spoke to me about through that weekend is an incredibly important and life changing attitude on life.

God is so so REAL

I know that this is just the cliche and often constant line that is spoken by many people, but try to look at it deeper than just the surface.

God is REAL

All other "religions" and "World Views", however you name them, NONE; I mean NONE, can give you an experience that will make your spirit jump like one that Jesus Christ can give you.

The fact that God speaks to us and that we can speak back to Him is enough to make you live just for that one moment. When you are engaged in a convesation with the one who set the world in motion; no matter whether it be deep and meaningful or just an inhouse joke with Him, something within you comes alive.

Something awakens and starts to crave more and more of God, something happens that you didnt expect.

It feels so incredible because the thing that is engaging with God is our spirit - the most important thing God gave us. The fact is, this is the way God wants our life to be like every single minute of everyday.

As you can see from my crudely mapped picture, it is our spirit that connects us with God:

So often we (myself included), allow ourselves to live short of this kind of life because of a number of different things:

- Distraction
The things of life that are the temporary thrills the enemy can use to distract us from being eternally connected with God.

- Guilt

The mistakes we've done can try and come back and grip us with guilt so that no matter how much we want God we feel like we don't have the right to go to Him

There are a number of other things that may be specific to you that the enemy can use to hold you back from living out of your spirit but the greatest thing is that through Christ we have freedom from these things.


Jesus said that He came "to give life and life in abundance". (John 10:10
Abundance can be translated as

fullness to overflowing, over-the-top, extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply.

God has an overflow and oversufficient supply of life that he is waiting to pour out on us.

You see - in order to have a life of overflowing enthusiasm we have to live out of our spirit. Our spirit that is in direct recieving and giving from God.

So, don't allow yourself to live your life short of the greatness God has for you. He's not asking you to go off and try do something on your own.

All he wants is your heart.

A willing and trusting heart can be used for anything because you're not trying to be someone or do it the way you think it should be done. Allow God to come in and change you from the inside out so that the kind of person He created you to be and the life he's given you begins to flow out.

Don't live out of your mind, or your will, or your emotions, - live out your spirit. The thing that God created to be in constant connection with Him.

Live the way God intented; in connection with His Spirit.

Let others experience God as a result of coming into contact with someone carrying the life of Christ within them.......... YOU !

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Jenna said...

So true, God satisfies everything and when we really seek Him with our all we live in the promise of a life of overflowing love and blessing (no wonder Christains are always happy!). Definitly parachute was fun, but the highlight was just spending time with God in worship, the small moments when we realise that He is tugging at our hearts saying "let go", "trust me", "surrender all and I will never fail you". Let's live our all in His promises, moving away from ourselves to moving His kingdom on earth :)