Monday, January 15, 2007

what are you doin with YOUR life?

Following a legendary talk with a fantastic friend of mine my attention has been somewhat captured by the discussion of life purpose. Both of us have the absolute desire not just to live life, and I quote, "as its surpossed to be lived".

Who decides how life is surpossed to be lived anyway?

I want my life to make a difference in this world. I don't want me to be the kind of person that was known for my incredibly huge amounts of money flowing from my wallet.

I don't want to be remembered for just being "a nice guy".

I don't even want to be remembered as being someone who was real funny, or someone that looked incredible - I've already got that one sorted.

I want to be known as someone that committed their life into God, obeying the call He has for me - changing the world.

I don't know about you, (gotta love profound sentences that start with that) but there is some part of me that goes against all kind of logic and plan. There is a part of me that is submerging me in a feeling of absolute greatness. Its not some sort of stupid pride pitfall I've stumbled into,
I believe it is the heart cry of every man and woman created by God.
It is the desperate longing to be someone more than just a waste of space and air. It is the gripping sense that you want to be someone that at least makes some sort of change for others around you, in my case, other's salvation.

Even in our secular and massively humanistic world we live in, its still easy to see this same desire driving so many of the popular movies and TV shows around.

So, the purpose of this post is basically to challenge all you who are reading. If you too have the same feeling or desire to do something great - don't think about it logically. Don't supress it. Just because your circumstances seem as though you could never be one to make a difference doesn't mean you can't.

Each of us contains something awesome and incredible - the image of God. That creativity, musical flare, writing flow, firery preaching, ability to inspire and encourage. Whatever it is, use it.

Lets committ to allowing God use us to do and be people of purpose and direction: bringing others to Him what ever way possible.

Strength yo


Jenna said...

Hey buddy! I didn't realise you had a blog unitl now :) I must say I am so impressed with that post and I'm so proud of you for seeking to live a life God has created you to be. I have wathched you grow through the years and I can see your desire to follow the heart of God is stronger than your emotions, fears and dreams, I'm proud of u. Love always your friend Jenna xxxxxx

Brother Jared said...

Hey mate, Jared here.
Good old Jenna, she seems to post comments on every single blog that i read. Good job jenna.
Great post mate, i am in full agreement with u. It's a lot of what is talked about in Wild at Heart, and the female equivalent i think. Not sure if you read that book, but basically just about recapturing the true heart of a man or woman, which is essentially the heart of God, since we are made in his image.
As always, it's much easier said than done, but it must be done. Imagine if we really did capture the true heart of God. How much better would our society and country be if there were dudes like that around??!

Jakes said...

Yeah Rhys, thats what its about. Really good job mate.

It's hard keeping&holding that belief when everyone else seems to be settling for so much less.

Keep the passion for God alive dude.

Random Rambler said...

all the way bro... i agree completely

Aδελφός Ροβερτ said...

Hey Rhys cool post,
What do you interpret the phrase 'made in the image of God' to mean?