Monday, February 19, 2007

Exhibition 1

As a result of an incredible demand from both National and International markets, I have been hesitantly convinced to reveal my recent paintings to the world.

Some may ask questions along the lines of "how can an artist of such high calibre, be hesitant of revealing his mind-bogglingly great paintings?!"

And a good question that is.

The answer....

I don't know.

Frequently people of such humility don't want to feel as though they are to blame for people's sudden need for talent.

I want to be one who empowers people to step forth into the world of creativity - and th
us my passion for canvas.

Be inspired...... to paint

"Lone Surfer" waiting for the swell....

"Moonlight reflections".....

Hills with water - I call it "The Landscape phenomenon"

This my dear friends is the famous "Rangitoto Island beauty"

Feel free to post any fan mail that you wish to heap.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Confidence is everything

Sometimes its hard being so incredibly good looking and mind numbingly attractive.

It's like being one of those small cute puppies or babies when stroked on the cheek and having your hair run through by someone's delicate fingers. There is the humble yet oh so subtle lying declaration with the half feminie voice of "oh stop it.... please".

You throw the carefully timed and precise flick of the head as if to get "away".

The "oh no you won't!" thought captures their thoughts, followed by the pulling closer motion.

For me, it's got to the point where I can no longer get to the end of a road without someone walking past giving me that second look. The car slowing down to get a better look. The shoppers walking into power poles.

You're practically a public hazard wherever you go.

As the "Anchorman Ron Burgundy" once said "I don't really know how to say this but....... I'm kind of a big deal. People KNOW me."

Be aware next time anyone of you goes out: be careful of the possible outcomes of looking so good.

Moral of the story - it's better to be over confident than underconfident. It's easier to have your bubble popped than to have no bubble at all.

Na just joking.

"But seriously."

ah, resemblence.