Sunday, March 18, 2007

Its been a long time coming

Well it's almost been 1 month since my last blog and quite frankly I'm disappointed in myself.

To be honest, the reason I decided to give up was because I felt unloved and that my depressingly low amount of comments left on my posts gave me no choice but to give up.


After absolute suprise and an incredible amount of satisfaction of seeing 5 COMMENTS on my last post (a new record) I have made the decision to carry on.

I understand that a low amount of views on my page is some reason to disappoint but I believe that once I hit it big this will suddenly become alot more popular.

On a note of blessing, I have been blown away by the prosperity God has supplied me with lately.

We have been given a cheap and great condition spa pool.

I have a computer, keyboard and monitor.

I have a flashdrive!
I have finally bought a guitar! (Just look at that irresistible smile haha)
(Granted, the photo is more of me than my guitar but I don't expect to hear anybody complaining.)

And I have been given freedom from all sin, a "life to the full" ; care of God.

I tell ya, whenever you give Him your life and allow yourself to obey Him, paying the cost of what it takes to follow Him - expect the unexpected!

Keep stepping out, keep allowing God to challenge you, and most of all - keep letting the life of God inside of you flow into others!

Oh, by the way I've also been working on some more paintings, feel free to check them out - more will be appearing soon :)

Shot guys - cheers for checking out my page again, means alot :)


Jenna said...

Nice pictures dude! And yes, you are very blessed at the moment! I vote spa and guitar party at yours! :)

MattyJay the Philosopher (designer) said...

Lol if jenna's going then i must be a kewl party! lmao

Brother Jared said...

good post brother. Nice paintings too. I am jealous of all your HOT attributes. If i was female u would have to watch out, coz i might have jumped u more than once. u have got it all - musical talent, looks, a perfect smile, and god is the centre of ur life. If i eva change into a woman, make me ur first choice, ok?

Rhys said...

I have always hoped that one day my blog would pull in some chicks.

I guess it happened sooner than I realised.

Kind of.

Oh well :)

Sam said...

Well, I;ve got one up on Jared, because Rhys actually has feelings for me. Take that Jared.

MattyJay the Philosopher (designer) said...

Your forgetting the Rhys bays apostolic boyfriend me! :-) he even has a nickname for me! lol

Brother Jared said...

well dude u are welcome to be his boyfriend. all i was saying was that if i was a chick (and i would be hot!) then there would be no competition. No point denying it fellas. give up

adventuremadlad said...

cool paintings man, being creatinve is fun keep up the blogging

ive also added another post if you got time

good to see you the other nite