Monday, April 23, 2007

#11 - God - take one

After an awesome comment on my last post from Robert M Stratchan -

"your concept of God is a little one sided, isn't it?

Have you ever considered that god doesn't exist?

That might help


- I have thought about the idea of the existence of God.

Its interesting to note that the only 'religion' that believes Jesus is the only way to heaven are the only religion to claim people can hear God. All other religions that contain some kind of belief in god admit that there is no way to hear him.

I think I would struggle spending my whole life praying and hoping god would hear me trying to keep myself convinced despite the undeniable silence.

I have found that personally I wouldn't want to spend my entire life trying to do things to keep some god happy so that he wouldn't some day have a bad day and decide t
o send me into flames or back to the earth as a worm.

I don't think its much of a stretch for anyone to choose following a God that:
Answers our call, gives us things - both materialistic and peace, love, joy etc, and takes away our wrong things and replaces them with a life that is fulfilled and worth living.

Over a someone that:
Has no proof they exist, doesn't answer when we speak to him, can change their mind on our eternal destiny depending on how their feeling not on commitment to their promise and doesn't change people's lives for the better.

I know without a doubt that not only is God real, but that He also wants me to know Him personally. This is not something that I've decided on as a result of reading or hearing a convincing argument but I have experienced God for myself.

I look at where my life would be right now if I had not found God and I shudder. I know that even if I made good decisions and worked as hard as I could, scored the right job etc etc I still wouldn't be happy.

Its not just the struggling financially or emotionally people that find they need God.

Its easy to see. People who have some of the most high paying jobs or the most incredible looking wife or house are sometimes even the ones who want Him more than anyone.

I know God is real because of the moments I've felt alone and suddenly hear Him speak to me or feel His presence.

I know God is real because of the people around me whose lives were heading empty but were transformed by coming to know Him.

I know God is real because of the incredible miracles I have personally witnessed. I have seen deformed knees changed before my very eyes. I have seen broken legs made perfect. I have seen shoulders that would not move healed to complete movement.

I may not be able to have all the answers to every question a person has about God but what I do know is

Jesus gave His life so that I could have one and not be condemned (to pronounce to be guilty; sentence to punishment) for all the wrong stuff I've done.

No matter what I do, have done or will do, God will love me.

A life without God is nothing compared one with Him.

Adventure. Excitement. Fulfillment. Perfect Love and Forgiveness.

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Robert M Strachan said...

you're inspiring
but i will continue to be judgemental of your beliefs, even though they are well-informed and unbiased

i might be satan
but maybe you are jesus
maybe it is all just a bunch of words

my one advice is for you to find a new word for God
God is lame
lame lame
make a new word, like Rhys
i would advocate Rhysism

All hail Rhys, and those who fall into the shadows will be condmened by Rhys and cast into the eternal lake of fire!

is that sarcasm?
i am too drunk to understand

Anonymous said...

that was deep man.. deep as! rightious lols check out my blog man =D

Sam said...

But what if I'm a New Ager, and we've had similar experiences, but you've just decided to interpret these same experiences differently? How do I know that what you believe is true and that mine is false?

Ah the danger of reasoning from experience.