Sunday, April 29, 2007

#14 - dream

I had a dream the other night that Jake Gyllenhall had come to my house.

We went down the road to a friend's house and played table tennis and sat around talking.

For a moment somewhere inbetween the intense tennis battles and the deep, intimate discussion there I thought it had the potential to turn into another Brokeback moment.

Until I realised his surprise new relationship with Reese Witherspoon.

Maybe it's something to do with the name Reece.... Rhys..... Reese.....



Jenna said...

Ummmmmmmm.........really But I know that you are cool and if he knew you, he would play table tennis with you :)

Anonymous said...

Where is thy integrity??

One post everyday for a month means one post everyday for a month!!

Rhys said...

I didn't think anybody was reading them cos nobody left comments. I'm not a commment sucker but gives the impression nobody is reading....

I'll post, don't worry :)

Sam said...

Unlike Rhys, luckily God doesn't work with the same mindset. He doesn't stop extending grace when he thinks no one is watching or taking notice. He keeps doing it because He stands by His word.

Don't be put off by this hypocrisy.


Haha love ya Rhys