Wednesday, April 18, 2007

#8 - Road Trippin...

Just got home today from the ultimate roadtrip up north.

We left on Monday 16th April and headed up.

We dropped past Pakiri about 1 1/4 hrs north and stumbled across a tampon commercial.

Needless to say, it was fantastic.

We then continued driving towards the tip of civilization (aka. Kiatia) and pulled in at Waipu (pronounced why-poo).

After flicking through my "AA New Zealand ACCOMODATION" (Complimentary Copy) book, I quickly found a cheap, highly incredible standard place of residence:

Camp Waipu Cove.

We set up tent.

And took advantage of the pumping swell that the East Coast had on offer.

Paddling over the massive beasts (the photo really doesn't quite capture the power, its an understatement to say the waves were small) really does take it out of you.

We cooked ourselves a feed worthy of a King and had a great sleep on the floor of a
tent with 2 other guys snuggling into you.

All in all it was a legend time and wicked to get away from the big smoke of Torbay.

In the process of planning the next one - the paper is free for
some names if you're keen :)

I also vote NOT taking the world's smallest car on a trip for 4 hrs carrying more stuff that can fit in a van.

Peace out yo.

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Anonymous said...

Well it seemed like you hada good time! im jealous....