Sunday, April 1, 2007

THE weekend...


Friday the 30th of March.

We had a youth event called "slop wars" which pretty much consisted of 120kg of flour, mixed with enough water to keep a whale afloat...

...and threw it at each other.

We had 4 teams and two areas next to each other, meaning all 4 teams could play at once.

It was mayhem.

People running from every direction slapping, hurling and thrashing paste everywhere over the other team and losing the ability to decipher specific people, they all looked the same.

Who says being a Christian isn't fun?

Saturday, 31st March.

I'll leave that out.

My digital camera arrived - stoking out :)

Also went to Mini Golf next to the motorway in Greville Road - my mate hit his ball at m
e but missed and flew over the wall. I think it may have gone ON the motorway.

Sunday, 1st April.

Morning church rocked, went out for lunch and then had our night service "Pulse".
God was doing some pretty awesome stuff, meeting people in incredibly real ways and filling people's needs :)

Just came home stoking out at where our youth are and how fun life is at the moment!

That pretty much does me for the weekend, let me know how your one went :)


Brother Rob said...

Wow wasting all that flour and water while kids in third world countries go hungry and thirsty!

Nah just kidding, go hard. :D

Sam said...

Haha Rob, the bringer of conviction.

Jenna said...

Glad you had fun, we all need fun! ps: Hope you had a shower lol! Jenna