Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life Update

Hey guys - I realised I haven't done a post in quite some time now so I figured I'd give ya a quick update of what's been going on in my life currently.

A few weeks ago a number of the youth leaders in our church (including myself) took around 20 of our youth to Get Smart youth conference which was held at Harbourside Church on the shore of Auckland's southern North Shore. This was an incredible time for our youth to be exposed to some world class preaching and to experience God more and more. Alot of our youth came back changed and committed to seeing God use them to see their friends saved.

I left early on the friday afternoon to shoot down to Inspire Conference in Hamilton (I'm not a conference junkie don't worry) held at Eastside Apostolic Church. This was an incredible time for me personally and for a number of other people who had the chance to attend. Pastor Danny Gugliemucci from Australia was one of the key preachers along with my Dad and Pastor Ian Wright from the deep south of Invercargill. I had the previlege of going out to lunch with Danny Gug with 4 other people, including both my parents. It was insaine just spending time with such an incredible man of God who is not only leading a church of over 5000 people, but a forefront leader of the church worldwide. I came back so inspired and challenged to go to the next level in my life.

One of the most incredible things that has helped develop my vision this year is spending time with one of my greatest friends. We went on holiday for a week together along with a number of other great mates and continuing to spend time hanging out has done something incredible in my life. As through previous posts it at times does seem lonely in leadership when alot of your mates are actually guys you lead. This isn't often a problem but it does present a difficulty when you don't want to be a burden to the guys you're leading when your finding things hard.

Spending time with my mate and going out for coffee, talking life, cars (I've learnt ALOT about cars), purpose and vision etc etc has given me the opportunity to just lax out and love life.

I also preached on Sunday night just gone in our Pulse service (night youth service) which was incredible. Just the engagement and expectation that came through the congregation was amazing and the response at the altar call was awesome. It was the best thing to know that what had been on my heart and what had come bursting out in that sermon was something that not only made sense but was also something that was life giving and challenging to alot of those who were there. Coming home after the service and feeling so stoked about what had happened was so awesome. I'm so looking forward to go to Christchurch with Dad to preach in a few weeks!!

Lastly, a few days ago God renewed my vision and gave me an incredibly clear understanding of what he's gifted me at and what he's called me to do. This was a HUGE thing for me which I'm going to inspire you with in my next post.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of this very soon - keep powering on friends.


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Jeanette said...

Hey man that's awsm! lol wats wif the huge bowl in front of u in that pic:P haha u and my bro would b good friends lol!:P hav a cool day!