Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Apology

Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well.

I'm thinking the best way to start this post off is by apologising to my many readers who have been close to personal emotional breakdowns after the numerous times of turning up to my blog to see that I haven't done a post in near on 3 months. That's near depressing. But, I am hoping to redeem myself through this post.

Alot has happened since I last post, most of which I can't remember, but, I did go to the Luge in Silverdale with my mate Mike, who, by the way, I wasted.

That wasn't really of any suprise to be honest. I mean, lets understand one thing here - yes, I am short. However, it does mean that my feet are in fact closer to the front and I am also sitting lower in the Luge seat. Which, in effect, logically means that my wind resistance is decisively lower to that of a tall, long armed friend like Michael.

I think Silverdale has the potential now to become the next RotoVegas, a few years ago we would have said Silverdale was almost equal to the potential of Dargaville, but, with the introduction of the Luge, Snowplanet, a fair rip off Go-Karting, oh and we can't forget Silverdale's pride and joy the Silverdale Plant Barn - a must see for all those international tourists, Silverdale's potential has increased phenomenally. Phenomenally.

But, no matter how far Silverdale comes up the 'Must see' list on NZ's tourist brochure, honestly, it will never get near the number one spot. HamilTRON - "City of the Future".

I visited HamilTRON a few weeks ago, and well, it took my breath away.

The scenery. The bridges. The Waikato river. The roads. The tree. Beautiful. Breathless.
I officially want that t-shirt. The guy one, obviously.

In other news, Mandy Moore is my new favourite girl.

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The Scragster said...

haha - Great post Rhys.

But I do believe that for low surface pressures the coefficient of friction is independent of surface area.

(have a think about that one for awhile :) get back to me when you've worked it out)

Whats with the info on Mandy More ?

Anyways, have a good one, ill be on the edge of my seat waiting for your next :)