Sunday, October 28, 2007

LifeChangers: a new name; a new future

Well, what can I say?

The launch of LifeChangers Church was today, the 28th of October, Two Thousand and Seven.

Hu - uge.

I arrived early around 8:45 for the 10am start and was blown away by the state the Browns Bay Primary School hall was in. Yesterday (while I was at work) a brave bunch of hearty workers steadily set up the hall in preparation for today, a lengthy 4 hour set up.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the hall as of yet - my camera decided it was going to die of battery power after the first photo. Love it. However, photos WILL come, and that's a promise. I don't want to steal or kill the intense excitement already building within you for those photos, but what I can say is that we had the new logo on huge banners hanging either side of the stage, balloons and more banners.

What stoked me out the most was the packs that everybody recieved at the door. It was awesome. They had a vision booklet, upcoming events, a fridge magnet complete with out new logo and line saying "JESUS changes lives!", a bumper sticker and a wicked rubber bracelet.

We had new signs on the road which were extremely confusing to the eye because the arrow pointing to "Parking" to the left conflicted largely with the arrow pointing to the right from the logo. I'm not suprised some people had no idea where to go or park, they ended up down at Rothesay Bay.

Our band played "Beautiful Day" by U2, which I must say, we rocked. It was phat. Phaaaat. with a huge P.

Ian Wright spoke well and we had a huge BBQ afterwards, full of 200+ sausages and numerous amounts of steak, bread, potato salad mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Bays Apostolic Church redesigned and renamed into LifeChangers Church - north shore.

Bring it on.

Check out the website:


Anonymous said...

hey bro, the web site is actually:

Anonymous said...

conficting arrows or no conflicting arrows, people would have never ended up at Rothesay Bay! (mainly because with one arrow pointing left and another pointing right, no one would have ever gone to Rothesay Bay - straigt ahead!) :-)

Rhys said...

Haha thats a good point :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like it was an awesome event. Ps. ian is a fantastic preacher. Sounds like you are doing some amazing things in the north

Jeff said...

Rhys, you're the man, rhys.