Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Euan asked a fantastic question in my last post which has prompted some deep thinking on behalf of myself over the last few days. Amongst the intelligent and well thought through other parts of his comment he posed the question of what the info was on Mandy Moore. Or more specifically, Mandy Moore and I.

The truth is, Mandy Moore and I have been in a relationship for quite some time now. I've tried to keep it on the downlow for a while but unfortunately, due to my lack of controlling my mouth I've let the cat out of the bag. It first started when I was touring the Central US for the latest release of my line of toothpaste. Obviously, my new line of toothpaste attracted a large amount of interest, including some high profile celebrities. It seems to me that the importance of white, healthy teeth is now a priority for many celebs.

While I was standing on my home build podium (made of rimu, pohutikawa branches and used toothpaste packets) I spotted Mandy near the edge of the crowd, slightly to the right. She seemed to be engrossed in my speech about the need to look after our teeth and that the world's decieved theory that teeth do grow back 3 times is in fact, wrong. It must've been somewhere between my wink and my shimmering smile that she fell, for me.

She caught me after my speech, and as I was leaving the packed stadium she smiled, at me.

From there the rest, as they say, is history.

One difficulty, obviously, is the travel between here and the U.S. I do have to be honest here, it has caused difficulty amongst our relationship and has had to be something we've needed to work through. But, thanks to Technology and the royalties from selling my multi-ten dollar company we've made sure we've kept communication at the centre. Whether it be by skype, email, webcam or by me taking the long flight over to the U.S., our relationship has flourished.

Although we've only been seeing each other for a medium period of time, the future really does have some potential.

I'll keep you updated, don't you worry.

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