Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keeping you from harm... Mr Incredible.

Our Youth Camp 'Connect 08' has the most magnificent of all themes: Superheroes. After a unanimous vote from my youth in favour of me going as Mr Incredible, I have gone shopping to find my supreme superhero outfit.
I cannot begin to describe to you how awkward it was asking the attractive 20 something yr-old shop assistant where the pantyhose section was in the female area of Farmers.
It disturbs me that I am even contemplating wearing this to camp one night, I may need to tone it down abit.
I haven't finished it yet so adjustens can still be made: thoughts?


Random Rambler said...

OH dear. guys in tights.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I wanna play drums. But I also want to play almost all of the other instruments in the world.

Your blog is pretty fandangled. I think that's a good thing? I like the way that you think and muse! Good stuff!

I may have met you once in real life. I go to uni with sam.

Tata for now

Rhys Lake said...

Haha yeah, tights are weird - though, in all honesty, they feel pretty good.

Yeah I've found it's a bit 'fandangled', still not sure if it's want but I think it's cool to speak what's on the mind whether it be God, life or tights.

I may have met you, I'm better with faces than names though. Random Rambler doesn't really cut down the possibilities of friends of Sam I've met :)

Random Rambler said...

Oh true. Haha I sorta forgot my name wasn't in my blog.

Liz :D And, yes, before you ask. I do have a face.

Lisa said...

Lol shot Rhys.. Loving the outfit--it's definately a winner!! :P
so wish i could come over for the camp.. you guys gonna have a blast!! Am loving reading your interesting and funny blogs lol :)

Hope all is going well with you in NZ and with the youth :)