Saturday, April 5, 2008

Live it out.

Today I bought "Experience Hendrix: The best of Jimi Hendrix". Although I haven't really had much of a chance to listen to it and really absorb the skill and ability everybody talks about I'm starting to fall in love with blues music.

One of my all-time favourite musicians and consequently one of my favourite albums is Continuum by John Mayer. The laid back, groove bass line and full sounding drums creates one of the greatest music I've ever listened to.

I love that God was the one who invented music. Some people reckon that t
here'll only be hymns in heaven. I disagree. I reckon that people worship God and give Him the honour and glory that he deserves in their own way; We don't even need music to do that. In heaven I think that somehow, through the awesome conductor that I'm certain God is, He'll somehow mix hip-hop, funk, jazz, heavy metal, rap and (possibly) country into something we all love to listen to and something we all want to be involved with.

I'm looking forward to eternity where maybe even I can play drums with some of the greatest musos of all time. How awesome will that be? Doing two of the things I love heaps; worshipping God.... and playing music.

That's who I am and what I love - God and music.

But, worship isn't about music.

As I said before, we don't even need music to worship God. People are good at, and enjoy, so many different things. Art, accounting, writing, singing, buildin
g things, computers; there is no end; because there is that many different people who are uniquely gifted. We are all called to give God glory through who we are.

We all thank God, tell Him how much we love Him and thank Him in so many different ways. I think sometimes though we don't. We don't think that what we are good at is enough, or that because we don't play a musical instrument or have a voice that can hit a very good note that we can't give God glory. But, you know what? Who you are is enough. God is blown away by us living our lives in honour to Him. Romans says our the ultimate act of worship is by being "living sacrifices". It's not about singing some songs on a Sunday and then going to work and doing our thing until the next church service. We're called to live out our love for God. Live our worship for God through being who God's created us to be and doing it for God.

Our lives are created by Him for Him. If you don't know Jesus then things don't and won't make sense. Our identity is only found in Him. 

If we live our lives for Him, not to try and make Him happy, but in thankfulness for what He did for us by sending His son Jesus then we are doing what we were created for. We have no excuse for not giving Him honour. We need to understand that our worship for God comes through not doing things for Him but, living for Him.

Do what you love. Love what you do. 

Be who you are. Let it show. Step out and do what you know God's gifted you in and see your love for God grow incredibly without effort.

Just live for Him.

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