Tuesday, May 6, 2008

3D - the new rad fad

I have to say it - 3D is the new rad fad
I've been dying to say that rhyme all day. As I sit down in a remake of the classic Tom Hanks typing pose from "You've Got Mail" I struggle to hold myself back from breaking out in a hip-hop rhyme -

Yo, Yo, my mind is going crazy like my nerves are some sort of a yo-yo,
Some people struggle to believe the fact that I like to say some things like say-so,
I'm the Torbay gangsta full of all the hip-hop, trip-top non-breaking law,
Don't come running to me if you want to become part of the Torbay HardCore,
It's a big time deal, rolling the streets on my new found love,
Keeping them safe from the crazy minded wuv dove. - s. Doves.

In simple terms, 3D is awesome. I went to U2 3D with my good-time friend Sam, who funnily enough always provides a good time. It was my first 3D movie, and to be honest I was a little skeptical. I mean really, pictures looking like they come off the screen causing you to almost wet your pants at the fear of something chopping your head off? But, U2 did it. As progressive a band as they are, I can't say I'm surprised they were the first guys to do a musical 3D movie.
I have no idea how they managed to do it, but it seriously looked and felt like we were in the front row of the crowd - sweaty, mushed and adrenaline pumped just like the rest of them. Except we weren't. We were in comfortable red arm chairs in an empty theatre. 3D somehow messes with your 3rd dimension and makes you feel like you're actually there. The movie made both of us start singing at the top of our lungs to songs like "Where the Streets Have No Name" and get out our cameras taking pictures like two soldiers getting trigger happy on their AK47's. I never would have thought I would become subject to breaking the law of taking photos in a movie theatre - but this was just too good to miss.
Unfortunately, I couldn't even make it into the movie theatre without making a fool of myself. I had just put on the greatest 3D glasses ever known to man, which were an upgrade from the green and red lenses, when Sam turned to me and said - "look around - everything is in 3D already!" Here is me in total awe as I look around the outside of the theatre door checking out all the awesome chairs, lights and rubbish bins which are were in '3D'. Little did I click on at the time that our world is 3D already without the glasses. That isn't going to stop me wearing them down an ordinary street though.

I think the fact that we live in a world that doesn't just consist of 2D dimensions is exciting. Truly, I'm stoked that we actually get to live in a world that looks real as opposed to some average pencil drawing with really bad colouring in by a 3 year old. Real life excites me. 

I hope that someday someone might make a 3D movie of my life - but with only the really good parts. They can leave out all the screw ups or bad choices I've made. It could turn into a really awesome feel-good movie that contains ninja fights, wicked surfing airs and an exciting twist at the end. My gang the 'Torbay Hardcore' turns on me in an unexpected battle with the Browns Bay Badboys - I still beat them all with only my hip-length-platted rats tail. Needless to say I'll probably break out into some history-making hiphop rhyming rap just as a sentence explodes onto the screen saying: "THE END..... will never come for the legend of Rhys Lake". I'll also be wearing my 3D polarised glasses on the cover of the DVD which will sell millions.
A 3D movie of my life is now part of my will. Watch this space.

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Sam said...

Hahaha classic. Best night I've had in 3D.