Thursday, May 22, 2008


One of the greatest innovations of the 21st century is the legal, worldwide phenomenon of downloading music, also known as iTunes. There was always Napster and LimeWire but my concience of downloading music tracks from other people for free wouldn't let me continue doing it. I thought I'd found the greatest thing on earth in LimeWire but I found everytime I'd go to use it I'd feel pretty convicted. My difficulty was that I (and growing number of other people) was getting frustrated by forking out $30 for a cd which only had 1 or 2 songs that I really wanted. But, then arrived iTunes and Hey Presto! I was sucked into it and I have never looked back.
For the fair few of you who haven't yet experienced iTunes, basically it gives you instant access to over 100's of 1000's of songs that you can buy individually or by the album. They've got bands and albums on their you've never even heard of - satisfying your musical taste from hiphop to rock to (help you) country. You can easily create an account with a visa card and buy individual songs for usually $1.79 each, giving you the opportunity to buy the individually specific song you want without buying the entire album. For example, you could buy 3 specific songs that you like from 3 different bands and pay just over $5. 
So, as a result of listening and buying some great songs lately, here is a short list of songs that I am currently playing on repeat:
(click on the underlined song to link to a video of the song on YouTube.)

Sara Bareilles

Chances are you've probably heard this song being played often on the radio. Regardless of whether you've heard it too much it's a fantastic song. To be honest I have no idea where she came from, I may have to get onto Wikipedia, but despite this being her first(?) single she's definitely one continue watching. Beautiful piano, an even more beautiful voice, tight bass and drums, and great melodies - well worth the listen... and a buy.

Op Shop

For anybody who said that New Zealand was too far off the map or too bogan to write great songs, they should be sued. OpShop, in my opinion, are way too under-rated and should be out there earning big bucks with songs like this one. They've had some good hits on the charts with songs like Maybe and No Ordinary Thing but I think there is definitely alot more to come from these guys. With their incredibly relaxed melodies, deeply moving lyrics and an overall world-class sound make sure you keep an eye out for this legendary band. Spread the word.

The Album Leaf

This guy is incredible. Basically, The Album Leaf consists of a guy called James LaVallethe and... well... that's it. He's a classically trained musician and this guy sure knows how to create music that fits like a jigsaw puzzle, connecting together beautifully crafted piano pieces with drums, bass and more synth. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to hear too much more of the music he's done but if this song is anything to go by it's definitely a band that would be worth getting some more of. Thankfully, iTunes has most of their back catalogue of albums. It'd be a loss not to listen to this.

Mute Math
Yeah I know I'm slow on the uptake with these guys. They've been around for a fair few months now but their incredible rise in popularity and acclaim around the world is just a confirmation of the talent and musical genius these guys are. Their music is like nothing I've ever heard before and they are already held as one of the greatest live bands around. Their energy is so awesome - they are one of the few bands that seem to display on the outside the kind of excitement they have inside. With songs like Typical, Chaos and this song - Control, they are bound to only increase as one of the greatest alternative bands in the world... with enough energy and passion to light up a whole city.

Hopefully now you have some more tunes to download, chuck into your iTunes program, add to your iPod and either relax, chillax or wax to. Any recommendations of songs I should download next?

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Random Rambler said...

oooh i likes that song 'the light' looking up more of his stuff now... it's nice to have some instrumental for a good change ay..