Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NZGT #2 + Question...

I've been pretty blown away by the really quick interest people have shown in our audition for New Zealand's Got Talent. It's not just me who is auditioning in our slot - it's also some of my best friends Ben and Ethan. Basically, we're 3 drummers from our church who were asked about 2 years ago to come up with a dynamic, raw drumming item for a 'Creative Celebration' service at our church. It went off and was so popular we were asked to perform time and time again, eventually being asked to play in a large highschool assembly and at a cultural arts evening.
For those who are interested, our audition is the 28th of June (two weeks away!!) held in Western Springs. Next post will unravel abit more about what we do, how our rehearsals are coming together and hopefully a short video of a previous performance.

I'm not entirely sure on what to expect in regards to the audition or our chances of progressing to the next stage in the competion, but at the very least we'll be looking to do our greatest performance yet - and hopefully cranking the place big time.

It was pretty classic yesterday - I was chatting to a friend online yesterday about it and as we were talking she said she had found heaps of old highschool photos that I hadn't seen in years. She uploaded them on facebook and so amptly named the album "Dedicated In Loving Memory to Rhys Lake". I laughed... as convincingly as you can through online text and proceeded to look through the photos - circa 2001 - 2005. Within 10 minutes I had an email from a friend I hadn't chatted to in yonks who was in panic and beside himself:
"dude. i saw jo mackie's "a folder dedicated in loving memory of rhys lake" and i was like "NO!!" my heart did a little turn and i was freakin out for a second til I clicked on your profile and saw that it had been updated like 5 minutes ago...
"yeah um thats probably the weirdest thing you've read today but i thought better out than in - i mean, if nothing else, it's nice to know that someone would be gutted if you carked it right? :)"

The thing is, it is nice. I don't know about you but every now and then I wonder what the world would be like if I died suddenly someday. Today. What if for some reason I fell over and cracked my head or tripped into the front of an oncoming car and didn't make it. Now before you all of a sudden start questioning my suicidal thoughts - of which I don't have any! - I think this honestly is a pretty full on but enlightening question to ask yourself. I mean - if for some reason you were no longer here, would the world be any different? Would the world's loss of us really make a difference? To our family and close friends most certainly. But to the world. Is the way I am living, or what I have done with my life so far, made a difference to this world in some way?

Wow - this is deeper than I intended. And I understand that sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves about judging our significance on whether we've helped to reduce Africa's severe hunger or something, which isn't the place or way we are to judge our significance. But what I'm generally getting at is whether the way we're living, or the goals and dreams we have for our lives, are big enough to touch this world. We may not change the world's politics, or single-handedly cure cancer; but are our goals, our commitment, our risk taking, our ideas... our way of living, equal to our potential?

If you died today and somebody put up a photo album online dedicated in loving memory to you - would not only your friends and family miss you; but the world? This isn't a condemnation call or a judgement post - it's simply a challenging question that as much to me a wake up call about my life as it might be to you.

I walked past a sign of a quote by Einstein of which I can't remember exactly but said something like "If each of us lived at our complete potential we'd absolutely astound ourselves". I don't know what my potential is or what I'm going to do with my life but one thing I do know; I want to give it everything I've got.

Circa 2003 - Rhys and monster Bradley

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