Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Zealand's Got Talent #3 - Rehearsal One

The audition can only be 1min 30sec so we've had to be pretty disciplined in what we put in and take out. Hopefully, if we get a chance to get through to the next round, we'll pull out some other awesome stuff that most of you haven't seen before.
Audio quality isn't fantastic - filmed right off my MacBook.


pencil man said...

hey cool bro. Whaats that song playing in the background?

Rhys Lake said...

Hey man - it's called 'Revolution' by Equippers Church in Auckland City. They've just released an album - you can find it here -

That's the church that ran the Bible College I attended.

capotheologist said... to see what the object of your church is! =p
Imperialistically "take this world" (for God?/Church?/salvation?)

I guess it is true what they say, "contemporary worship says so much more." In this case, so much more than dozens of posts and comments on blogs about what your church is about.

I thought it was as such; but, from your comments, I could not be sure.

I guess that linking in church, work and Bible College through the one institution would make it difficult to know where you come from...=p

ah blogs are frustrating...
hopefully Sam tees us up a meeting sometime soon, it would be cool to get to see where you (see you)are coming from =)

. said...

Wicked man! I wanna come watch you guys.

Yeah Pete, us three should get together and chew over stuff. It would be fun as always.

Tamara said...

*sigh* South African bandwidth prohibits me from getting to enjoy this video properly. It stops like every 2 seconds.

But hey, we have great weather here ;-)