Thursday, June 5, 2008

Get ready for the pop-locking and hip-hop popping

One of the coolest things about working part time at a video store is not only that we get as many free movies as we want, but we also often get to watch heaps of the movies of preview before they come into the store. For example, I can watch the new Rambo movie (which according to my friend is "awesomely horrible") before it's even on the release date brochure in Video Ezy.
Anyway, I watched the preview of "Step Up 2: The Streets" last night and needless to say I was inspired to hit the streets with some mindblowing moves. Now although it didn't rate too amazingly on IMDB, aka. the universe for movies, it seriously has some incredible dance moves. There's this crazy guy who plays a 'stunt double' for the School of the Arts performances who pulls of the most insane whirlwinds, jackhammers and toprocks you've ever seen. Yeah... I looked those names up.

I've been working on my moves and it won't be long before I'm hitting the local streets with my original moves. Pity Torbay's nightlife closes down about 5pm. Once I polish off my spiral-backflip to arm-freeze-stall and my head-lock to snake-worm I'll be posting them onto YouTube, hopefully I'll be able to figure out how they're gonna work before someone else steals my ideas and claims them for their own.

I've got another band for you to check out. They're called The Postal Service. Great band.

Keep an eye out for my breakdancing soon to be hitting the community of YouTube with strength.

Next post: the sermon for Sunday.


Anonymous said...

lol we shud soo have a dance off man lol


Anonymous said...


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