Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Preach it Preacha!

Hmm. So I realised last night that I'm preaching this Sunday at one of our partner churches in Orewa. I knew I was preaching on the 8th but I think I must have been so focussed on Camp I lost track of dates. I thought that was next week. I'll be spending abit time this week putting together a sermon - stay tuned as to how this comes together.

In other news: this guy is a legend of music. He put out his first album at the prime age of 16, and not only did he record it himself in a friends kitchen he also played every instrument on the album himself.

Stay tuned for how the sermon comes together. It's gonna be great. 

1 comment:

Euan Lake said...

I thought as a youth pastor, you would have a little more commitment to the teaching and input of the church Rhys. Very disappointing..

BUT, I will be looking forward to hearing the recording of your sermon (seeing I’m committed to the church, and haven’t forgotten about it, that’s where ill be..)

haha fully kidding! :)
Youth Camp was awesome, you guys did a great job!