Saturday, June 21, 2008

Snow in the Sun?

Yesterday my friends and I went snowboarding at SnowPlanet about 20min north of my house. It's a completely indoor snow complex but dispite being miles from anything remotely close to snow, it's made man-made snow inside the complex.
"SnowPlanet - Snow 365 days a year."
It was my first ever experience at Snowboarding, and flip it exceeded my expectations! There isn't much to say other than it is by far the best winter sport around and I have now discovered my winter fix. It's alot harder than I first expected... I was expecting to do some airs and rails before the end of the day but unfortunately I think those expectations were a little high. And so was the top of the mountain on only my second try on the board. Not a good idea.
Point is - find stuff you enjoy. I wasn't too looking forward to winter with it's cold waters and drizzly rain, but finding stuff that gets your heart pumping and your muscles aching is always worthwhile. 
After all, life isn't too much fun when you're just reading books inside.

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