Friday, July 18, 2008

'Cos you gotta havah faith, ah faith, ah faith.

You know what one of the hardest things I've found in my christian walk to do is?


Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "wow, this guy's original". However, despite the fact that it's more than often the guy wearing the "traditional old-school flannel shirt, skin tight brown shorts and socks in the sandals" christian look that says the kind of cliche statements like I did, it's true.

I think sometimes, and an emphasis on sometimes, we can get all complicated in our christianity and get ourselves into thinking it's more complex than it is. I mean, I complex myself out if I spend too much time with myself on my own. I get this thought that to 'please' God that I need to read this book or do this special thing over there. I make my christian walk so complicated, and then because I can't live up to my own super-special expectations I get to one of two places:
Feeling guilty or burnt out.

And thus the point of this post: don't make your christian walk more complicated than it should be.

To me I love how Jesus decomplicates things to make them simple for our human mind. I guess He can sympathise with us humans with limited mind memory and simple brain function because He was one. It's like He realised that it was crazy for the Hebrews to try and remember what Leviticus said in Chapter 4 verse 28 in regards to how to specifically prepare the herbs for the steak dinner so he simplified the law into two commandments.

I am absolutely convinced Jesus doesn't want to complicate our lives to the point where we can't do the simple act of obeying Him. Half the time He's beating my analysing of details part of my mind out of obeying Him and growing me to the point where I do as much as I can but leave God's part to Him.

That's hard.

Hear me, I absolutely am for reading books, listening to sermons and going to teaching classes that help us to expand our capacity and grow us more into the plan God has for each one of us. But what I'm concerned about, for me personally anyway, is getting so complicated in trying to get my whole life under control and eventually humanly plan trusting God out of our lives.

After reading the recent post I put up that I stole from a guy called Jon Acuff, I was inspired to think about what God would say to me in a sentence. I figure God would say:

"Quit complicating your life to 'perfect planning' and just trust me." - God

So I'm gonna try.

Why don't you try with me:
What areas do you need to stop complicating and instead trust God?

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