Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mid-winter surf session........ anyone?

Yesterday we had a massive storm which destroyed trees, powerlines and most people's ability to use anything relying on electricity for most of the day. However, along with all the ridiculous wind and destruction it brought; it brought swell and blustery offshore winds. Being 20 and somewhat unwilling to give up my sense of adventure too soon, I managed to get 2 other buddies into the car and drive to the beach.

I still can't even believe we went; I cannot find the words to describe to you just how freezing it was, other than to say that if you could imagine standing on an iceberg while it's snowing, wearing nothing but speedos and sucking on a frozen coke, you may get an idea of what it felt like.
I guess I'll just let the photos speak for themselves - hopefully you get the jist how our afternoon went down.

Yes, we were heating ourselves under hand dryer. Lovely.



good times next one we have to go west coast yeah boy some time soon

Read Scott said...

Dude! you surf? Awesome. Me too. Except it's summer here and really really hot. Thanks for stopping by my blog.