Monday, July 14, 2008

NZGT #5: Band Manager extraordinaire.

In a recent post I hinted at the fact that our 3 drum trio 'Sticks' has made it into the 2nd round of New Zealand's Got Talent. To dispel all rumors that may or may not find themselves sweeping the nation; yes, we have made it.

The next round of auditions which, to my understanding, is televised, is on the 8th and 9th of August. Hopefully if we make it through I'll be able to attach a tele clip of us rocking it up.

As with any band, it's never just the band themselves who play on the stage that make a rock show rock: it's the ground crew.

We, as a band, are no different and a vital part of what makes us succeed as performers is the irreplaceable position of our 'band manager'.
In our instance, we've been blessed with a young man of unbelievable giftings named Jade, or to his friends, "Pounamu" (traditional Maori name for greenstone or jade).

He is part of the local youth ministry that Sticks are a part of and has been a significant part of the roots and growth of the drumming trio.

I had the privilege tonight of interviewing him, and tonight you have the privilege of reading into and understanding more of what makes this remarkable young man tick:


Rhys: So Jade, you have had, and do have the opportunity of being the band manager of 'Sticks', what has this opportunity meant for you as a person?

Jade: Well, ah, as soon as I saw you three, I just knew that there was talent right there and I was just waiting for the opportunity for New Zealand's Got Talent and as soon as I saw the ad for those auditions.... I just knew that this, was gonna be their future.

R: So Jade, being band manager, what kind of things does this involve for you in that position?

J: Well, it's just um, you gotta attract the crowd and you've gotta expect everyone to turn up to practices and ah, for the next gig, you've just gotta prepare for the event.

Rhys: Great, that's great. So, what part of encouraging or challenging the band members to really keep their discipline, as you've talked about, what kind of role does that have? Does that play any role in your position?

Jade: Um, usually they're out and about, keeping their energy going. So, they sometimes turn up to practices very tired so this can overall affect the team morale and I think that you've also got to check that they're fit, eating well and that they've got their right sticks. Yeah, just keeping those sticks in perfect condition.

R: Fantastic. So just two final questions. Number one, where do you seen being band manager really taking you? Do you see yourself taking on any other positions as a band manager later in life or do you see this as the be-all and end-all position as a band manager?

J: Well, ah, after this project with 'Sticks' I'm thinking of retiring, but I can really see this you know, going really far.

R: Any last words Jade, just before we leave it there?

J: Ah, just all the best of luck to Sticks, we really appreciate all the support from the fans and wish us luck for the future.


So there you have it. Ladies and Gentlemen, the true foundation and growth catalyst of 'Sticks': Jade "Pounamu" Lee, Band Manager and all round world dominator.

On behalf of the rest of the band performers: we love you Jade

- and if everyone else in the world knew you half as well as we do they'd say the same thing.

I'd put money on it.