Saturday, July 5, 2008

Top 5 Most Wanted for '08

A few weeks ago we had one of the guys from Excel School of Performing Arts come and stay with us while they were playing in highschools and churches around our area. He was called Jesse and funnily enough played drums... and guitar... and sang... and probably the piano accordian if I'd had one for him to play. Anywho we ended up at this ladies house playing pingpong - or table tennis for the misinformed - and discovered that his other bandmate had a legendary camera. 
Before long the shots were coming out and I realised that I wanted one.
Cameras are awesome. I got a $300 for free this year because I subscribed to NZ's best magazine.
So I came up with my 'Top Five Most Wanted Possessions" list that if I could, would get this year. They have to be under a k because otherwise I'd say a Lamborgini Montage or a luxury house on Longbay cliff, so thus - here is my top 5:

#1 - A Snowboard
From recent posts you will have read my new found love in snowboarding. It's great being able to carve it up on the snow, snap turns and getting the odd air (minus crashing - obviously still learning) without having to sit in the freezing watery conditions waiting for a wave.

#2 - A surround sound system + Dvd player
There is nothing better than shaking the upstairs shower floor with the bass freely flowing from your custom, powerful surround sound system. Connecting it to your computer or to your dvd player allows personal music to be played or to be sucked into the loud dvd experience.

#3 A car
This is a bit steep to try and get within the 1000 dollar budget but I'm pretty sure that I could pick one up for under the cut off amount. It may be missing a radio, back seats and a sparkplug but at least it should have an engine. A shell and an engine is all you really need though, right?

#4 - A massively cool, lense fitted digital camera
I'm not really down with the lingo on this one - all I know is I would like a camera that doesn't take 3sec for the shutter to close and have some good, crisply professional shots. Good camera's produce good shots I've been told. So hopefully my lack of photographic ability should be made up by a good camera. It would work well with #5...

#5 - A ticket to Europe
Again, abit hard to try and get within 1000 dollars, but I think with abit of extra busking and some sweet talk to the captain I may be able to get this. Europe has alot of great things to offer - the Eiffel Tower... umm.... 
... so that's my top 5 if I had the money.

If you had a grand for 5 different things to buy what would you spend them on?

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Scragster said...

Hi Rhys,

Good choices, they all seem pretty logical and achievable :)

For your 4th choice, you said your 'not to down with the lingo' and nether am I, but I do know a little bit about cameras. So I thought I might share a bit of my knowledge :)

If you are wanting a really nice camera, my suggestion would be that you aim for an SLR (Single Lens Reflex). In very simple form, (from my understanding) SLR's basically have multiple interchangeable lenses.

My personal favourite would have to be the Cannon 350D (/400D, depending on price). There are a few different models, as I say, each with a different price tag :P

If you would like to know some more, maybe take a look here or here

As I say, I don't know very much but hope that has helped :)