Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Today was a good day.

Today was a great day in fact.
Today I got to eat chocolate and not feel bad because I did 30 push ups and 20 sit ups in the morning.
Today I found out I'm confirmed for going to America for 3 weeks.
Today I worked on planning our next drum item for the second round of NZ's Got Talent.
Today it wasn't raining!
Today got a chance to properly listen to the new Hillsong album I bought two days ago.
And, today I successfully managed to procrastinate cleaning my horribly messy room to justify watching a movie.

I wonder what tomorrow's gonna be like.....


Liv said...

Did you guys get into nz's got talent?

Rhys Lake said...

Hey Liv,

yeah we got into the second round which as far as I know is the one which gets televised which should be mean.
Did you enter or anything?


liv said...

When did you find out? Did they ring or send a letter? I didn't enter but I know some peeps who did so just wondering lol