Friday, August 1, 2008

What's Greese? This is 2006 baby.

There has been a phenomenon that has quickly come through the ranks in the last few years. You may have noticed it. Despite the many many words I could use to describe this phenomenon of universal proportions, it's easier to simplify it down to 3 words. These words are High, School, and Musical.

I'm not quite as bad as my friend Sam, who some of you may know through the grapevine, as rumor has it that he once was so sucked in by this tweenage fad that he watched the movie 3 times in one week, but.... I am afraid to admit that I am finding myself getting sucked in again.

Although it has been quite a number of years since the first movie came out, 2 years to be exact, I am afraid that it has lost none of it's appeal. In fact, it's growing. The 3rd High School Musical movie aptly named "The Senior Year", is due to hit cinemas later this year, and, I'm excited.

This is the 100% modern-day life-soundtrack equivilent of what Greese was when my parents were growing up, and sadly I can now see myself singing along with my kids in 10 years when it again comes on the 'Colgate Saturday Night Kids Movie' and actually enjoy it.

This movie has got to be the one we all grew up on for those who were teenages in the 2000's and although it's taken me a while to admit it to the world - I am no longer ashamed to say that I love it.
Excuse me while I go and practice "We're soaring, flying....." at the top of my lungs in my living room....